Introduction Preface Part 2

A determining factor for being a good poker player is knowing how to lift or remove a table at any given time, assuming certain losses. Poker is a game, so logically they may leak during the game, but many players, when they get these adverse times, they lose control of his game, producing disastrous results for his pocket.

Do not forget that the poker “PATIENCE” is of vital importance. You have to learn to wait and let personal pride aside. Not always going to win you the hand. Do not chop. Study strategies. Analyze your opponents. Vary your play. Only then go get fatter bankroll slowly.

And last but not least: do not try to get rich in a day. If you have that is very easy forrarte playing poker you the truth. It is true that you can have a good day, but winning consistently (or even a living at it) requires a great deal of discipline and method. We must stay calm. Note that nobody is born knowing.