Introduction Preface Part 1

Online poker has many advantages over the poker face.

We can play any time you want (there are departures 24 hours a day) and without having us to move, and we can play at home in a practically anonymous.
There are items for all types of players, from free games to real money games (with varying degrees of betting).

On the other hand, items are developed faster, and different software allow us to play at different tables simultaneously, so that, being accompanied by good players and lady luck, we can maximize the benefits.

A variety of satellite tournaments, qualifiers for major poker events worldwide, so it is possible to get seats in the Poker World Series or the European Poker Tour from just $ 6.

Very Important:

Poker is a game seemingly simple, but if you start in this business do not relax. Becoming a good poker player has many years of practice, with good and bad experiences. It is important not to risk large sums of money at first, because even if you think you have mastered this game (unless you’re a real powerhouse), is sure to be many things beyond your important and vital to ensure the survival of your bankroll.